Dr. Smile Pluser- Hard Tissue Laser

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Easier, faster, simply better. It’s Pluser: the erbium laser that every modern dental practice should offer its clients, to change their idea of a visit to the dentist’s forever. As time goes by, it is important to keep up with the clinical instruments designed to make your practice take speed, by maximizing benefits and minimizing worries. Pluser is the answer that anticipates the question.

Pluser is a high-tech medical device that will launch the traditional dental practice into the future. The word Pluser means offering many things to your patients: less pain, faster treatment, professional skill, smart versatility and continuous innovation in the treatment of soft and hard tissue, bone surgery and dermatology.

  • Fast And Precise Cutting
  • Double Impulse
  • Complete Set Of Tools
  • Built-In Video Guide
  • From Dentistry To Dermatology
  • Optic Fiber
  • Wireless Foot-Switch
  • Wi-Fi Direct

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