Shubh Dental Chair Package

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Features :

  • Body contoured Electrically operated Dental chair with Zero program with Right arm rotatable
  • LED Operating light having 30000lux on/off and intensity control by non touch sensor with 3 directional movement
  • Chair side Porcelain spittoon with Auto water connection
  • High and low vacuum motorised suction with auto drain and auto-flush system
  • Modular (Delivery Hanging System)
  • Airotor points - 2 Nos
  • MicroNx Micromotor 35000 rpm
  • Three way syringe - 2 Nos
  • Woodpecker Scaler with 5 Scaling Tips
  • EKD light cure with glass tip
  • SS instrument Tray X -Ray viewer
  • Assistant control for chair control for chair movement and spittoon tumbler.
  • Dental operators stool
  • Foot control

Key Specifications

  • Electrically Operable
  • Seamless Seat up holestry
  • Ceramic spitton and tumbler
  • LED Light

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