Runyes Intra Oral Scanner

Runyes intraoral scanner has fast and easy image capturing technology, which can provide reliable, accurate & complete data for digital dental impression. Providing patients with a comfortable and efficient treatment experience, our scanners make it easier for dentists to diagnose and communicate with patients. Runyes scanner is a open system scanner, which provides the access to the latest technology equipment available in the market. It has a range of applications which includes digital restoration, digital orthodontics, navigation template of digital implant, etc.

  • Powderless, Real color, Light and Portable
  1. Easier to operate with net weight of 210g.
  2. Simple and elegant with a colour combination of gray and white. Looks trendy and very user friendly.
  3. Support multi-angle image capture in patient’s mouth.
  • Constant Temperature Protection Design
  1. Dual heating options from internal & external heater, maintain the temperature of the scanner to prevent it from fogging.
  • Detachable Scanner Head
  1. Easy to change scanner head.
  2. Scanner heads are autoclavable and multiple times usable. Long life narrow heads for easy reach to posteriors.
  • 3D Visualization
  1. Dynamic information can be observed. Proper visibility for easy scanning. Works also as IOC.
  • LED Light Source Without Radiation
  1. High quality light source generates no radiation.
  2. Real Color Scan.
  3. Real Imaging provided.
  • Faster
  1. Quick Reset to save time.
  2. Moves smoothly while scanning or collecting Data
  3. No need to focus from specific distance or specific angle.
  • Open Data
  1. Choose different restore-design software.
  2. Choose output orientation, making it better to connect with design software

RUNYES 3DS                   Powderless |Real Color Scanning | Model – IOS-11


20 mm

Export File


Scanning Distance

0-17 mm


240 X 49.5 X 30.5 MM

Scanner Weight


Operating Time


Image Capture Technology

Optical Continuous Video Collection

Imaging Mode

Synchronous 3D video


Quick Reset



Model Optimization



Recommended Computer Specification

Microsoft Windows 10, 63bit Home edition or Higher

CPU Laptop

Intel Core i7-8700 or Higher

Operating System

Windos10 Home Edition / Professional Edition / Corporate Edition

Graphics Card

NVDIA GeForce1060 6g or Higher

Monitor Resolution

1920 x 1080


More than 16G


USB 3.0

Hard Disk

More than 256G SSD or 128G + 1T Mechanical Hard Disk

Supply Voltage

110V~240V, 50Hz


Power Consumption


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