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The latest Digital imaging plate system

RIOScan reads and converts x-ray data, taken on an imaging plate, into digital image which can be sent and viewed from PCs. It will change the way how your practice works in many aspects by giving comfort to patients as well as easy of use, convenient workflow, and high image quality to you

  • Flexible
  • Reusable
  • Size 0~3 & 4
  • Touch screen & Preview
4.3 Touch Screen : Convenience

4.3 inch touch screen enables user to preform various functions for simple and convenient workflow and setting

  • Image preview : User can check whether images are properly attained
  • Network connection status
  • QuickScan : Scanner can take images when network connection has broken
  • Configuration : Can select imaging plate size and scanning mode

Imaging Plate
  • RIOScan provides various plate sizes from 0 to 4, so user can make all intraoral examination
  • Imaging plate is covered with photo-stimulable phosphor, and composed of various layers to achieve x-ray images
  • RIOScan’s imaging plate has front and back protection layers that reduce the risk of physical impact, which maintains high image quality
  • Imaging plate not only provides comfort to the patient by its flexibility, but also convenience to the users with its cable free from positioning limits

RIOScan images can be shared anywhere in clinic rooms. Images can be viewed in every PCs within the clinic. When users wish to use their existing software, it is possible by TWAIN and RAY SDK. If they with to use RAY’s software, SMARTDent, RAY’s software for managing and viewing 2D images, enables this service

Scanner Maintenance :

RIOScan provide regular cleaning tool for maintenance. Users are requested to use cleaning sheet provided by RAY as following :

  • Place cleaning sheet guide on the scanner
  • On the touch screen, select menu for cleaning
  • Prepare cleaning sheet and clip holder to one end
  • Touch the screen and insert cleaning sheet
  • When cleaning is complete, cleaning sheet automatically gets removed from the scanner
  • Repeat the cleaning process two or three times

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