Radiology and Dental Imaging

Let’s face it. Dentists need radiographs. With 90% of the treatments being blind procedures, radiographs coupled with great tactile perception aid the dentist in performing high-quality dental treatment to patients.


Here’s why you need to buy an RVG

Minimized Radiation

We know that exposure to X-rays can cause a multitude of harmful effects to the body. The biological effects of radiation, deterministic (killing a large number of cells) and stochastic (sub-lethal damage leading to mutation), range from simple mucositis to more dangerous conditions such as osteoradionecrosis and carcinogenesis. Although such outcomes stem from radiation therapy, it is important to reduce the amount of radiation that the patient, dentist and dental assistant are subjected to.

Our Riosensor works with 40% low radiations yet produce the best quality image.

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