Gnatus S500

Under Hanging & Over Hanging


2+1 Year



  • Biarticulated headrest, removable and anatomical to provide perfect accommodation of the patient
  • The anteroposterior movement, with height adjustment, allows direct visualization of all quadrants of the mouth
  • It facilitates care in pediatric dentistry, and handicapped patients
    • Ergonomic design and easy removal
    • With safety system that interrupts chair base movement when 􀃶nding any obstacle.
    • PAD control with a LED negatoscope (optional)
    • Joystick


  • Frontal Protector
  • Removable, made of a durable & transparent material easy to clean
  • 5 LED (3×2) sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Activation and adjustment of the light intensity without contact


  • Proximity Sensor
  • Activation Control
  • Removable Spittoon
  • Double System (Reservoir/Network)
  • Timer Programmable
  • 60 Degree

Assistant Arm: 

  • When “return to zero” position is activated the armchair goes automatically down, meaning freedom of movement to the
    patient and the professional.


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