Dabi Atlante - Croma T5

Under Hanging 

LED Light

2 Years


Dental Chair

  1. Electro-mechanical dental chair with spindle system, smart electrical circuit with positions

for work start and end.

  1. Base dimensioned for enabling approach of DS / Assistant to operative field
  2. Pantographic lifting system
  3. Silent and smooth movements of seat and backrest activated by two oil-free electrical


  1. Single center articulation between seat and backrest.
  2. Seat and backrest structures manufactured in rebar and bended steel plates.
  3. Anatomic and enveloping upholstery with 1870 mm length and maximum 600 mm backrest

width, built with special polyurethane foam with progressive density; molded with flexible

PVC profile with extra lining in PA woven mesh.

  1. Headrest with reduced forms and thickness, and bi-swiveled longitudinal motion
  2. Low voltage electric circuit.
  3. Supply Voltage 127/220V – 60 Hz.



  1. Rotating body in equipment’s arm made of polystyrene with 3 mm thickness.
  2. Automatic selection of tips by pneumatic system, through activation block.
  3. Tip support made of ABS with 3 mm thickness, in a single piece apart from equipment’s


  1. Stabilized air pressure regulating valve for syringe, water tank and suction tips.
  2. Single, pneumatic foot switch, with progressive activation for controlling the hand pieces.



  1. Body made of high-impact polystyrene.
  2. Suction tip support attached to the arm, with 180º turning; electric operation switch with

programmable watering timer for the basin

  1. Sewage box enclosed in PVC, with vent and damper.
  2. Water, air and sewage piping in PVC and polyurethane fully built-in.



  1. Dental single-focus reflector consisting of a head with special multi-faceted mirror.
  2. Programmable light intensity in range of 6,000, 9,000, 15,000 and 22,000 lux through a

command located at chair foot switch, with color temperature of approximately 5,500º K,

which reflects natural light equivalent to daylight.

  1. Reflecting over an area of 8 x 16 cm, at a distance of 70cm from focus
  2. Light source with halogen H3 incandescent lamp, of 12V.A.C. and 55W.
  3. Input selection to 110/127/220V.
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