Dabi Atlante - Croma Hasteflex

Over Hanging 

LED Option

2 Years


Dental Chair

  1. Electro-mechanical dental chair with spindle system, smart electrical circuit with positions

for work start and end.

  1. Base dimensioned for enabling approach of DS / Assistant to operative field
  2. Base lining in Integral Skin
  3. Pantographic lifting system
  4. Silent and smooth motions of seat and backrest activated by two electrical motor-reducers,


  1. Single center swivel between seat and backrest
  2. Seat and backrest structures manufactured in rebar and bended steel plates
  3. Headrest with reduced forms and thickness, and bi-swiveled longitudinal motion
  4. Low voltage electric circuit.
  5. Supply Voltage 127/220V – 60 Hz.



  1. Rotary body in equipment arm, made of polystyrene with 3 mm thickness.
  2. Automatic selection of tips by pneumatic system, through activation block.
  3. Flat, lightweight and flexible hoses
  4. Equipment body built-in bilateral handles.
  5. Single, pneumatic foot switch, with progressive activation for controlling the hand pieces.



  1. Auxiliary unit attached to fixed support of chair
  2. Upper hoses with quick-connector
  3. Sewage box enclosed in PVC, with vent and damper.
  4. Water, air and sewage piping in PVC and polyurethane fully built-in.
  5. Spit basin detached from unit body, made of enameled ceramic, with rounded shape and no

protrusions or recesses.



  1. Dental single-focus reflector consisting of a head with special multi-faceted mirror.
  2. On/Off switch, it can obtain a light intensity of 30,000 lux with color temperature of

approximately 5,500º K, which reflects natural light equivalent to daylight, achieved within a

4,500º and 6,000º K range

  1. Simplified lamp replacement
  2. Lamp guard in enameled carbon steel sheet and mirror guard made of transparent material.
  3. Dual-grip ergonomic handle
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