Dabi Atlante - Croma Air

Under Hanging 

3LED Option

2 Years



  • A corrosion resistant, solid steel frame coated with epoxy paint for greater durability
  • An anti-skid Base for stability; no fixing on the floor.
  • Base with a Pantographic lifting mechanism with lifting capacity of 200 kg, powered by BOSCH motor.
  • Joystick control pedal with three working programs with automatic return to zero position
  • An innovative design with a comfortably positioned, bi-articulated, removable, and height-adjustable headrest featuring front, rear, and longitudinal movements with a lever-lock system.
  • Stain free, dust free, washable and removable upholstery with multiple colour shades.
  • Ambidextrous: designed to be used by left-handed and right-handed people with equal ease.
  • 1 fixed arm and 1 retractable arm with internal steel structure providing freedom of movement.


  • An anti-corrosive, ABS injected dental unit for greater durability
  • Mounted with 4 terminals that includes Airotor (2 no.), 3-way Syringe (1 no.), Micromotor or scalar (1 no.),
  • Autoclavable syringe nozzles with rotating and removable needles.
  • Articulated pneumatic locking arms operated by button located under the body of the equipment in the side handle providing free hinge movement.
  • Removable stainless steel top: Easy to clean and resistance to corrosion.
  • PAD control panel with chair functions
  • X-ray viewer connected to the unit for the easy visualization of radiographic examinations


  • Made of ABS Injection: gives greater durability and resistance to corrosion and color stability to the assembly.
  • A deep, movable, and removable spittoon with drain and filters for solid retention and splashing prevention mechanism.
  • Installed with a debris filter at the base of the dental water unit to collect solid debris.
  • Equipped with high-quality dental saliva suction and ejector device: 01 Air saliva- Venturi System and 01 Vac Plus.
  • Installed with proximity sensor for patient comfort, safety, and water flow regulation and saving
  • Water and tub unit 90 ° foldaway, allowing a wide mobility that allows the auxiliary to approach the operative field.


  • A highly durable LED unit which consumes up to 95% less electricity than conventional models.
  • Installed with proximity sensor to avoid cross-contamination with a luminous intensity selection.
  • Light head unit comes with a Front Protector which is removable, constructed of durable and transparent material which protects the optical system against aerosol with 620 degrees rotation.
  • Rectangular Light Focus increase the size of the focus of illumination of the oral cavity, providing a greater area of illumination in the field of work
  • Three Intensities: 5,000, 12,000 and 25,000 LUX (with variation of + -10%).


  • Seat with height adjustment – lift system through side lever that allows greater ease and quick adjustment of positions.
  • Backrest position adjustment – The vertical, horizontal and tilting movements of the Backrest are triggered via a handle, providing varied adjustments for the lumbar support, allowing the professional to sit correctly respecting the hemodynamics
  • Stool Upholstery – rigid and durable material, with seamless coating, suitable density and anti-deformation Provides more comfort for the professional and is easy to clean and asepsis
  • Stool Base and wheel- Strong Base with 5 chair caster wheels provides excellent stability and easy mobility.
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