Dolphin N Class

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  • Front reading panel, temperature and pressure gauge, temperature selection key, open-closed valve selector, general key and operating indicator light.
  • Grade Class N, gravitational, was developed to sterilize packaged solid materials, by steam saturated with water under pressure and drying with semi-open door.
  • Steel chamber door with excellent finish and great resistance to pressure.
  • Sealing of the door with high performance silicone gasket resistant to temperature and pressure variation
  • Door closing through two-stage locking with pull and push lever located on the side of the door.
  • 304 steel chamber in a single piece, without welding joints and long service life, eliminates the risk of leakage due to material discontinuity.
  • Internal resistance immersed in the distilled liquid, with level demarcation, for steam production and pressure inside the chamber, guarantees regularity, stability and high efficiency in the heating process, with time and productivity gain.
Voltage:110V and 220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Chamber304  stainless steels (Medical)
Capacity: 18L
Pressure variation: 0.0bar - 2.3bar
Sterilization temperatures: 121°C and 134°
Water consumption per cycle: 350ml
Noise: <50db

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