New approach toward the future


RAYSCAN α (Alpha) changed a trend of dental imaging system by proving its reliability and robustness with the highest level of diagnostic efficiency.


Best 2D image with

  • RedDot Design Award winner
  • A high class Pano OPG from Ray …known worldwide as an innovative & technically advanced manufacture in dental Imaging
  • Real time Pano with 3 Laser Beams
  • Patient positioning: Standard/ wheel chair
    Wireless Remote:
  •  Non-directional Remote facility first time in
    LCD Touch Panel:
  • For all selection of modes
    Pano Capture Modes:
  • Standard, Segment, Bitewing, Orthogonal –
    Standard, Right, Left, Front, TMJ & Sinus
  • Wide Range of CEPH mode
    Ceph Capture Modes:
  • LAT, LAT-Wide, PA/AP, Carpus, SMV
  • Exclusively designed Built In sensor
  • Saves time & also avoid damage while changing
    Scan Time (Sec):
  • Pano: 13.9
    Onsite Ceph upgradable:
  • Any time upgradable to Ceph on Customer Site
  • CMOS Sensor
  • Function: Pano
  • Active area-6(w) x151.2 (H) mm
  • Grey Scale: 14bits
    X-Ray Tube/Generator:
  • Manufacturer: Toshiba (Japan)
  • Tube voltage / current: 60-90 KVp / 4-17 mA
  • Focal Point: 0.5mm
  • Filtration: 2.6mmAl


Rayscan Alpha P

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