SIMPLER: The affordable laser

Simpler is a complete diode laser with incredible features at an incredible price. It is the best value on the market today for a fast return on your investment!

SIMPLER is a diode laser for dentistry essential for treatments in endodontics, periodontics, soft tissue surgery, therapy, biostimulation and whitening. The TOP Tissue Optimized Pulse mode is a biotype specific configuration that modulates laser emission for perfect bloodless cutting on every soft tissue type, with a laser power that can reach up to 12W. SIMPLER is the affordable and indispensable instrument for every modern dental practice!

  • 3 selection working modalities: Self-assisted, quick and advanced.
  • Rechargeable: In just 60 seconds thanks to the patented Super Cap system.
  • Autoclave Tips: Maximum hygiene and less operating costs.
  • ┬áStylish: Italian design, innovative and compact.
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